InDesign Scripts and Tools — Directories, Reviews

01 | Indiscripts Products Page (EN)
The very best of Indiscripts at a glance.

02 | Scriptopedia (EN|FR)
A growing library of scripts for the desktop publishing Adobe software.

03 | InDesign Snippets (EN)
New prolific blog focusing on InDesign scripts and offering a lot of reusable JS snippets.

04 | Die 10 besten (gratis) InDesign Scripts (DE)
Ten InDesign scripts you must have! (German review.)

05 | InDesign Script/GREP Links and other useful resources (EN)
Amazing GREP & scripting-oriented resources, by Peter Kahrel.

06 | InDesign Scripts sorted by Categories (EN)
Great collection of ID scripts introduced by Kasyan Servetsky.

07 | Scripts from Tokyo for InDesign CS4 (JP)
A set of useful snippets (for InDesign CS4) described in Japanese.

08 | InDesignSecrets Podcast #116 (EN)
InDesignSecrets podcast covering amazing free scripts and more!

09 | Automatización en InDesign (ES, PDF)
Spanish eBook (PDF) focusing on GREP and scripting, from Ivan Gomez.

10 | In-Tools plugins (EN)
In-Tools Plugins now CS5 compatible.

InDesign Scripts and Tools — By Topics


11 | Footnotes in columns (EN)
Script from Peter Kahrel (InDesign CS4 and later).

12 | Dynamic Sidenotes (EN)
Another great Peter’s script updated for InDesign CS4 and later.

13 | ReFoot (EN)
A script to convert markup text into InDesign footnotes.


14 | Wordalizer (EN)
Create printable word clouds within InDesign (CS4 and later).
Wordalizer on the Web:
– Frequently Asked Questions (EN)
– Jongware’s tribute to Wordalizer in the Adobe InDesign Forum (EN)
– Great demo of the script in Urbanbike, by Jean-Christophe Courte (FR)
– Wordalizer Entry on Scriptopedia (EN)
– David Blatner’s review on InDesign Secrets (EN)
– Bulgarian review (BG)
– Sample Word Cloud used in the French eBook “Influence et réputation sur l’Internet” (PDF)
– French Review in ActuaLitté, by Cécile Mazin (FR)
– Portuguese Review in Incunabulo (PT)

15 | Extrude (EN)
Extrude your objects in inDesign, a Jongware’s script reviewed on Scriptopedia.

16 | Claquos (EN)
Pie Charts builder for InDesign CS4/CS5.
Claquos on the Web:
– “Cool Pie Charts Script for InDesign: Claquos 2”, by David Blatner (EN)
– Claquos reviewed in Bulgarian on (BG)
– Scriptopedia’s review (EN).
– French demo on Urbanbike (FR).

17 | WordlMap (EN)
Just want to see something else than text? Here is a crazy Jongware’s script!

18 | Spirographs — a.k.a. “Guillochés” (EN)
Yet another fabulous Jongware’s script that draws spiral graphics patterns.

19 | Editable Line Charts (EN)
Make editable line charts with InDesign, an impressive work from Dmitriy Lapaev — Scriptopedia’s review.


20 | Peter Kahrel’s GREP Utilities (EN)
The awesome collection of Peter Kahrel’s scripts related to GREP (GREP Editor, chained queries, style report…).

21 | GREP : la panoplie parfaite (FR)
Useful GREP tools studied in French by Laurent Tournier (Indigrep).

22 | Automatication’s Multi-Find/Change (EN)
Written by the brilliant Martinho, ‘MFC’ is hailed as one of the best 2010’s scripted plugin. It allows you to manage and execute batches of saved Find/Change queries in InDesign and InCopy.

23 | What the GREP!? (EN)
A Jongware’s script that gives sense to any GREP expression (InDesign CS4). Useful for GREP newbies… and others!

24 | 37 Ready-to-Use RegEx (EN)
A collection of tested PHP, Perl, and JavaScript Regular Expressions (Virtuosi Media).

25 | GREP Mapper (PDF, EN)
Table of underrated Unicode Properties and Subproperties in InDesign GREP, by Peter Kahrel.

26 | RegExr (EN)
Pretty well-designed online RegEx testing tool.

27 | Using GREP Styles to Format HTML Code (EN + FR)
A brilliant trick presented by Claudio Marconato at the Print and ePublishing Conference in Seattle (InDesignSecrets reprint). See also, in French: “Styles GREP et HTML dynamique sous InDesign” (Indigrep).

28 | Creating an index for ePUB using GREP (EN)
An interesting approach of ePUB index processing based on InDesign GREP, by Liz Castro.


29 | Make links from pasted images (EN)
Scriptopedia’s review of Peter Kahrel’s ‘DumpPastedImages’ script.

30 | Bild auf Blitzer prüfen (DE)
A few lines of JavaScript to detect slightly offseted images within their frame (InDesignBlog — in German).

31 | FlyingButtons, a Script to Automate PDF Portfolios (EN)
Control your PDF images within sophisticated interactive buttons with InDesign. See also: UrbanBike’s review and demo, in French.

32 | Scale Graphics Script (EN)
Need to scale placed graphics en-mass? In-Tools ‘ScaleGraphics’ comes to the rescue!

33 | Resize All Images to 100% (EN)
Great and simple script written by Kasyan Servetsky (Scriptopedia’s review).


34 | MT-Scripts: MathType Equations in InDesign (RU / EN)
A very promising Russian project designed for InDesign CS3 and later, from Mikizil Vladislav. See also this older page in English: MT-Scripts.

35 | Fun With Text Fitting in InDesign! (EN)
In-Tools master playing with various text fitting options.

36 | Merge several text frames (EN)
The famous Justin Putney’s ‘MergeTextframes’ script reviewed on Scriptopedia.

37 | TextExporter 3 (EN)
Export all the stories of an InDesign document into a single file. A powerful product designed by Rorohiko.

38 | Tableaux et fusion de données (FR)
A better way to commingle table with data merge, by Loic Aigon (French article).

39 | Apply Semibold with a keyboard shortcut (EN)
Semibold is not an option in the InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts dialog, but this Peter Kahrel’s script is an option!

40 | Composer en arabe sous InDesign CS4 (FR)
How to enable the World-Ready Paragraph Composer through scripting (French article).

41 | MS Word to InDesign CS4 — укрощение строптивых. Эпизод 2 (RU)
On importing text from Word to InDesign CS3/CS4, technical discussion and useful macros, in Russian.


42 | Wasserzeichen in InDesign CS5 (DE)
Manage InDesign CS5 watermarks with a script, by Gerald Singelmann (German article).

43 | Show/hide Local Formatting in InDesign CS4/CS5 (EN)
An hidden feature which is only available through scripting!

44 | Split Long InDesign Files into Smaller Ones (EN)
Loic Aigon’s ‘ExtractPages’ script reviewed in InDesignSecrets by Anne-Marie Concepcion.

45 | Self-running slide show script (EN)
Automatically advance from slide to slide in presentation mode (InDesign CS5). Script from Keith Gilbert. See also, in French, “Diaporama automatique dans InDesign CS5”.

46 | Automatically Generate Sudoku-Puzzles (EN)
Create brand new, unique Sudoku puzzles directly into an InDesign CS5 document (Rorohiko).

47 | Send Swatches to Flash (EN)
Throw all your InDesign (or Illustrator) swatches into the active Flash project. Justin Putney’s script demoed on Scriptopedia.

48 | Quick Reference Script (EN)
Taking the pain out of cross reference creation… (In-Tools).

49 | Rhimposition Script Set (RU)
A set of scripts for InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5, designed to make the process of imposition easier and more affordable, by Nikita Rokotyan. (Page in Russian.)

50 | Extract Metadata with Adobe XMP (EN)
Two great articles from InDesign Snippets exploring the way to use theAdobeXMPScript library through External Object, and much more.