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Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kasyan Servetsky!!!!!!!

It works perfectly


Here’s how:

1. Create two documents, one named Front Page and another named Page Ten (we’ll pretend you are creating a newspaper and you are going to jump a story from, well, the front page to page ten). Place a story somewhere on Front Page and make sure there is overset text, which you are going to jump to the next document.

2. Open the Conditional Text panel (choose Window> Type and Tables> Conditional Text).

3. In the Conditional Text panel, create two conditions: one named Front and another named Jump (or “this document” and “that document” or whatever you want to call them).

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I am frequently asked if there is a way to place a image (with its frame, so an image already placed in document) inside another frame, like doing a clipping mask in Illustrator.

There is!

Make your shape, select the image you want to show inside the shape, cut the image (ctrl+x), select the shape, right click on your mouse, and choose “Paste Into”


How do you get InDesign to automatically create pages from the Master to autoflow long docs? I usually work on magazines and brochures but I’m trying my hand at books. I seem to remember that Quark does this, but can’t figure out how to make InDesign do it. Also (cheeky second question) can you recommend a plug-in to get InDesign to create imposed proofs for a variety of sheet sizes?

You can use Autoflow by Shift-clicking when you import your text.
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InDesign Scripts and Tools — Directories, Reviews

01 | Indiscripts Products Page (EN)
The very best of Indiscripts at a glance.

02 | Scriptopedia (EN|FR)
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Export book documents to individual PDF files

Create a book from InDesign documents in selected folder
Run the script, select a folder. A book with the same name as the folder will be created and all InDesign from the folder will be added to it. Originally the script was written by Martin Fischer, I reworked it a little to make compatible with CS4. Read the rest of this entry »