• London Typeface

    First and foremost: I am not a type designer per se. I create fonts only in order to incorporate them to my designs.

    Nevertheless, I have been often required to release them as functional fonts; so much that I had to give in and I’ve started converting some.

    London is the first one.

    It is inspired by and based upon the classic Bodoni (Black MT), with major adjustments on the loops, ears, spurs and overall width.

    It was initially intended to be part of my submission to ‘Show Us Your Type’ Exhibition, on which I was invited to take part.

    It is free for personal and commercial use. Have fun!

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    Get London Regular here.

    Get london Fill here.


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kasyan Servetsky!!!!!!!

It works perfectly

CMYK Playing Cards

02 13 13 cmykcards 1

“CMYK Playing Cards, brilliantly stripping away all the heritage and history of good playing card design, we’ve removed everything we could, The suits have been swapped for the printer’s choice of ink: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, and the design on the back created from the kind of utilitiarian registration marks and checks usually never seen by the public.”

1. Silverfake


silverfake fresh free fonts 2012 freebies fonts freebies

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Here’s how:

1. Create two documents, one named Front Page and another named Page Ten (we’ll pretend you are creating a newspaper and you are going to jump a story from, well, the front page to page ten). Place a story somewhere on Front Page and make sure there is overset text, which you are going to jump to the next document.

2. Open the Conditional Text panel (choose Window> Type and Tables> Conditional Text).

3. In the Conditional Text panel, create two conditions: one named Front and another named Jump (or “this document” and “that document” or whatever you want to call them).

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